About Photobooth Angels

Established in 2009 we are Northern Irelands original Photobooth.  With now over 300 weddings and events under our belt we know photobooths are not just a fad in the wedding industry!

The idea came about from my own wedding.  Your wedding day goes by so quickly and you don’t seem to get a chance to speak to everyone.  I had a separate evening reception at my wedding and my professional photographer had gone home at this stage.  Therefore I have very few photos of the evening so unfortunately I forget who all was there!

Even my videographer only stayed for the first 3 songs.  I found the evening was the most enjoyable part of the day (my husband would say the vows were ha ha) in the evening you can relax more since the speeches are done and you can really let your hair down.

I heard about photobooths when I was working in England and I thought ‘this would be perfect for weddings’.   What better why to get photos of ALL of your guests having a ball at your wedding.  Where else would you get pictures of your granny in funny glasses and a wig!  Really anything goes in the booth (those pictures we can’t show!)

Of course it’s not just weddings that the booth goes down a storm.  The booth is great for school formals, charity events, parties and corporate events. 

Whatever the occasion we are happy to bring the booth and to provide you with hilarious lasting memories you will cherish forever!

To get in touch please call us on 07970 210152 or email info@photoboothangels.co.uk

Kelley Tompsett
Company Director